Vehicle Advertising & Wraps:
A Smart Marketing Investment

The typical vehicle wrap "ad campaign" last approximately 3 years, and costs on average about $75.00 PER MONTH!! ( Some vehicles are wrapped for up to 5 years ).

What other advertising can you invest in that gets over 70,000 views per month for around $75.00?

Nothing, no other advertising comes close.

Send a Strong Message:
Vehicle wraps send a strong message to your clientile that your company is established, professional, and takes pride in it's work. It is the most cost effective advertising tool available to small and medium sized businesses. With distinctive, creative vehicle designs, your companies vehicle becomes a moving billboard and connects with your clients in a way that no other advertising medium can.

When the Rubber Hits the Road:
Most of our clients report that vehicle advertising pays for itself within the first few months. Considering how long that advertising will last, this will be the smartest marketing investment you'll ever make! Stand out from your competition with vehicle graphics from Prism Wraps.

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